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Thanks to leaflets, you can quickly carry out any promotional campaign, inform your customers about new products and services. It is a cheap solution compared to other forms of advertising. Leaflets have a handy format, which means that you can take the printout with you and keep it for longer. Each selection of paper and finishing will help to make this popular advertising tool a cheap and interesting advertising forum.

In our offer you will find the most popular formats from A6 to A4 and three original square formats (120x120mm, 150x150mm and 200x200mm). You can also order a flyer with an unusual shape.

We have 11 types of paper (gloss / mat chalk in the grammage of 130 – 350 g, offset in the grammage of 90 – 250 g, Kraftliner 170 g and 250 g).

One-sided (4 + 0) or two-sided (4 + 4) printing is possible. We also offer refinement for leaflets (on chalk paper from a grammage of 170 g):

  • UV varnish,
  • gloss, mat, soft touch foil,
  • foil (mat, soft touch) + selective UV varnish,
  • gilding or silvering,

which will give an unusual order to your leaflet.

Advertising leaflets are printed on one or both sides on offset paper (from 90 to 250 g), chalk (mat or gloss) from 130 to 350 g and on Kraftliner 170 g and 250 g.

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