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Flags / winders

Winders are the most popular type of flag. Thanks to the light, foldable structure of the frame, they are easy to transport. They look great as a showcase of the company, at events and at fairs. They are resistant to weather conditions, therefore they will work well inside and outside.

Variety of shapes for individual style

We have four shapes available:

  • standard
  • rounded
  • tear
  • rectangular

We offer two standard flag widths:

  • 70cm
  • 90cm

Standard mast heights

  • 220cm
  • 260cm
  • 330cm
  • 380cm
  • 450cm
  • 510cm


High-quality flag fabric, 100% polyester, quick-drying, weather-resistant. Printing method: direct sublimation digital printing, fixed at 200 * C.


Highlight your professionalism

Flags are not just a decorative element. They are a dynamic branding tool that draws the eye and emphasizes the professionalism of your company. Contact us to learn more about our customization options and how we can create unique flags that reflect the character of your business.

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