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Our catalogues will allow you to present your company in an effective way. Advertising catalogs have a versatile and original use in every industry. The catalog can be adapted to the project in terms of the number of pages, format. We print in standard and non-standard formats.

Elegance and professionalism

Our offer includes several variants of covers. Choose the substrate on which the cover is to be made: gloss or mat chalk (grammage from 130 g to 350 g), Kraftliner paper (250 g), decorative Woodstock Betulla paper (285 g), offset (90 g – 240 g). We offer refinement by covering the cover with matte, soft touch or glossy foil, as well as selective UV varnish. The interior of the catalog is printed on offset paper or on a chalky base in glossy or matte version.

Stitched catalogs

A type of notebook catalogs available in 8 standard formats. A perfect solution for catalogs with a small number of pages, as well as for a more extensive presentation (standard from 4 to 56 pages + cover). We offer catalogs sewn with eyelet staples, which can be attached to a binder. The advantage of sewn catalogs is price, quality and convenience. The sewn catalog unfolds flat, which allows you to freely browse the content. We carry out orders from 5 items!

Glued catalogs

These are catalogs in a book binding. This type of catalog will work well for a comprehensive presentation. Make the catalog stand out by refining the cover with matte, soft touch or glossy foil, as well as with selective UV varnish.

Spiral catalogs

A type of catalogs connected with a spiral, which allows you to unfold them flat and view the content comfortably. As a standard, the spiral catalog may be combined from 8 to 56 pages + cover. The spirals are available in white, black and silver. This type of catalog is available in 6 standard formats. We offer a spiral catalog on a mat or gloss chalk base (130-350 g) and a cover refined with foil and selective UV varnish. We carry out non-standard orders, which allows you to choose the type of cover. The cover can be made of synthetic, decorative or transparent paper.

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