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In our notebooks, you can adjust the number of cards 25, 50 or 100 depending on your needs. You can choose a business notebook with a glued cover, a notebook without a cover and a spiral notebook.

Make a note of your ideas and create success!

We offer interior design on 90g offset paper – uncoated. The cover of an advertising notebook offers many possibilities. We make it on a chalky base in gloss or mat. The offer also includes 9 types of decorative papers, including kraft paper. The pad for glued notepads is cardboard. Decide on which side to connect (on the short or long side). Possibility to refine the cover in selected configurations. Additionally, a spiral notebook can have a cover made of PVC. You can make the corners of the notebook rectangular or rounded. We print standard A6, A5, A4 and DL formats.

Stand out from the crowd!

With our various options, you can choose a notebook that perfectly suits your style and needs. Whether it’s for you or your business, our notebooks are designed with durability, convenience and inspiration in mind.

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