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The poster is one of the most popular forms of information transfer. Thanks to the posters, you will inform your customers about a promotion, a new service or an upcoming event. We offer printing of posters in standard sizes from A3 to XXL on an offset, chalk or blueback substrate of various weights (from 90 to 350 g). We offer one-sided, two-sided, one-sided slatted and large-format posters.

One-sided poster

We offer 13 formats from A3 to XXL. The substrate to choose from is offset, blueback or chalk – glossy or matte.

Double-sided poster

A poster with a double-sided print enables the transfer of information from two sides. We offer overprint without piercing to the other side on a coated substrate in 9 formats to choose from. Printed on matte or glossy chalky paper (from 130 to 350 g). You can make one order for printing different designs.

One-sided batten posters

Batten posters are framed with a batten, which protects the poster against creases at the top and bottom. The strip is equipped with a pendant which allows for quick and elegant presentation of the message. You can choose black, white or silver slats. One-sided printing, matt or gloss chalk paper, grammage from 170 to 350 g. Refinement (from 170 g) gloss / matt foil and, in selected configurations, UV varnish. The offer includes 4 formats: A1, A2, B1, B2.

Large format poster

Posters can be printed in any format, up to a width of 160 cm and a length of up to 50 m. It is a large space for your advertising message with the possibility of using it as an outdoor poster. Weather resistance!

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