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Wobblers are one of the many advertising materials that can be used in hypermarkets, among others. In order to increase sales and inform customers about new products, there is probably no better solution than mounting a wobbler. At WXMEDIA we focus on full professionalism during the production of such promotional materials. Check out what we can offer our clients.

Wobblers, or printed POS materials

Paper or PVC wobblers are commonly known as nods. Content placed on such advertising materials most often inform about promotions, new products, as well as product variations. POS materials of this type placed on a moving carrier attract attention not only by their attractive appearance, but also by their movement.

Extraordinary advertising opportunities

In the offer of our company WXMEDIA you will find two popular varieties of such promotional materials:

  • PVC wobblers – they are 0.5 mm thick and we print them in several shapes: circle, square or any shape you want. The maximum size of a wobbler made of PVC is 120×120 mm.
  • Paper wobblers – can be circular or square in shape. In WXMEDIA we print them on one side on 350 g chalk paper with the option of using additional finishing.

It is worth adding that paper wobblers can be finished with a layer of matte or glossy foil, UV selective varnish or gold and silver decorations. Is it worth investing in our wobblers? Advertising materials manufacturer WXMEDIA is a guarantee of high quality and precision workmanship, and thus maximum satisfaction and achievement of the intended advertising effects.

Paper and PVC wobblers – where can they be used?

The possibilities for using POS materials such as wobblers are truly plentiful. Such advertising materials are great for marketing activities in such places as:

  • large hypermarkets,
  • local kraft stores,
  • car dealerships,
  • clothing stores,
  • and many others … .

Paper and PVC wobblers can be used wherever you need to convey important information directly to the customer in an unconventional way. Moving elements with graphics and text attract attention even from several meters away. Thanks to this, the chances that a potential customer will come closer to the sold goods are much higher.

Why should you order advertising wobblers from WXMEDIA?

As WXMEDIA printing house, we have more than 14 years of experience in producing advertising materials. To date, we have done many advanced projects that have helped our clients achieve success. A few reasons why you should opt for our PVC and paper wobblers are:

  • fast processing of the placed order,
  • full design support,
  • hassle-free communication during the project,
  • the highest quality of printed advertising materials.

If you want to effectively promote a product, service or inform customers and company news – be sure to invest in advertising wobblers from WXMEDIA. You are welcome!

Why choose WXMEDIA?

Our PVC and paper Wobblers are a guarantee of fast turnaround, design support, seamless communication and the highest quality. If you dream of standing out in the crowd and achieving outstanding advertising results – we are your partner.

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