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Banners & MESH

Standard banners are eyed with a metal eyelet every 50 cm. We offer large banners with a finishing in the form of tunnels, which will allow for a professional and safe way to mount the banner.

One-sided banner

Printing banners is important when you are getting ready for a sale, opening a new business or going to a trade fair and want to be visible from a distance. One-sided banner is made in eco-solvent printing technology. Our modern machines and inks ensure high durability and color intensity, with simultaneous print precision. One-sided banners are printed on a gloss or matte frontlight 510 g or 440 g or a reflective frontlight 520 g. Advertising banners are available in various formats and there are no size restrictions for us. The standard banner for the fence is 100 × 200 cm, but printing a 1000 × 2000 cm banner for us is also not a problem. Your large-format banner can hang on a large building in the city center and you will surely be noticed!

Double-sided banner

Our offer also includes printing of double-sided banners. Why two-sided? First of all, we make it on a solid, non-transparent 610 g blockout substrate, which ensures mega durability and great color quality on both sides. Thanks to the substrate, you do not have to worry about the gaps and your design enjoys its aesthetics on both sides.

Reflective banner

Do you want your ad to be visible on an unlit road? A reflective banner is an ideal advertising medium that can be seen both during the day and at dusk. The reflective banner is made of 520g frontlight reflective material. Thanks to the use of solvent printing technology, reflective banners are distinguished by durability and intensity of colors. The banner is welded and eyelets every 50 cm, which will allow you to install it quickly and easily.


Thanks to the free flow of air, the mesh mesh is the best solution for large-format advertising placed near roads where there is no building nearby where it is exposed to a gust of wind. It looks great on scaffolding and facades of buildings with windows, the advertisement does not limit the access of light to the rooms. We print any format!

Banners & MESH at a high level!

Stand out in the crowd and grab the attention of your target customer group with our professional range of banners and advertising nets! Whether you’re planning a big sale, launching a new business, attending a trade show or just want to expose your brand on a large scale, we have the perfect solutions for you!

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