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XXL posters

Advertising campaigns deserve exceptional exposure, and our large format posters are the key to drawing attention to your brand!

Large format posters

They are perfect for advertising campaigns in stores. The large format on the site will certainly not be missed. By choosing large-format advertising poster printing, we guarantee photographic quality of large-format printing and a professional substrate, which guarantees the success of your campaign. We print posters in both standard and non-standard dimensions. We will process your order from 1 piece in several designs. Get noticed and show excellent print quality. Large format XXL posters, perfect print quality.

Your advertising without limits!

Our large-format advertising posters are printed on coated satin paper (200 g) or on a 130 g blueback billboard. Satin paper gives an ideal effect and high resistance to weather conditions. 130 g blueback paper is waterproof, the blue background perfectly isolates the printout from clearances. Posters are printed with the solvent technique, thanks to which the color saturation is intense and makes your printout full of vivid colors. Get noticed by the XXL poster!

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