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Open and closed pockets

Paper pockets are perfect cases for business cards, vouchers, gift certificates, invitations and tickets. They come in two versions as open pockets and resealable pockets. We will design any size for you to customize your pocket.

Elegant and practical case to suit your needs!

Available finishing:

  • Gloss or matte foiling or soft-touch
  • Gilding or silver plating
  • UV selective varnish

Exceptional raw materials for your projects!

Many raw materials are available, including:

  • 170g/m2, 250g/m2, 350g/m2 chalkboard papers,
  • Brown eco-friendly Kraftliner paper 170g/m2, 250g/m2
  • GC1 Arktika carton with white back in weights from 200g/m2 to 300g/m2
  • CG2 Alaska cardboard in weights from 205g/m2, up to 330g/m2
  • Decorative, structured, metallic, colored papers

Personalization is our strong point

We send the pockets glued together so that you can use them immediately to pack your vouchers and vouchers.

Thanks to the use of a modern SinaJet creasing and cutting plotter, which does not require a die-cutter, the minimum print run is as low as 10 pcs. Personalization is an additional option, such as adding a different name, barcode, QR code or other information on each package.

Take advantage of our offer today!

Ready to make your company stand out and realize your dream advertising projects? Contact us now and our experts will help you match the right solutions to your needs. We work with passion and take care of the smallest details to make your advertising materials delight your customers.

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