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Pillow type boxes

Cushion type boxes are elegant and compact packaging for many types of products. The small size allows you to pack items like a pen, flash drive or jewelry.

Precisely adjusted dimensions

Many raw materials are available, including:

  • 170g/m2, 250g/m2, 350g/m2 chalkboard papers,
  • Brown eco-friendly Kraftliner paper 170g/m2, 250g/m2
  • GC1 Arktika carton with white back in weights from 200g/m2 to 300g/m2
  • CG2 Alaska cardboard in weights from 205g/m2, up to 330g/m2
  • Decorative, structured, metallic, colored papers

Ready to use right away

We send pillow-type packages glued together so that you can use them to pack your products right away. Thanks to the use of a modern creasing and cutting plotter SinaJet, which does not require a die-cutter, the minimum edition is from 10 pcs.

Personalization is an additional option, such as adding a different name, barcode, QR code or other information on each package.

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We offer you not only packaging, but also a unique presentation of your products. Contact us to start the process of ordering our Pillow Type Boxes.

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