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We print on monomeric, plotter, polymer and cast foil – our machine park allows for simultaneous printing, cutting, punching, perforating, varnishing and embossing. We also offer printing on foil with white underprint, which allows you to make non-standard prints, such as stickers glued on the inside. UV printing, accurate color, integrated, precise cutting and multi-material compatibility.

Advertising stickers – printing at WXMEDIA

Advertising stickers are products that are indispensable for, among other things, marking goods for sale, display windows, cars and interiors. Of course, that’s not all. Our stickers on foil can also be used in the course of marketing activities in the local market, such as handing out “stickers” to customers. By cooperating with WXMEDIA in the field of sticker printing, you can really increase the effectiveness of your advertising activities.

At WXMEDIA we focus on the highest quality printing. This allows us to satisfy even the most demanding customers. We realize stickers in white color on transparent film with white printing, so that the created compositions always look perfect.

How do we produce advertising stickers?

Printing carried out by our experts is done using modern machine facilities. We use:

Thanks to such equipment of the company, we can create stickers of any desired shape and size. We print on such materials as:

  • monomeric film,
  • plotter film,
  • polymer film,
  • cast film.

At WXMEDIA, we rely on advanced machinery.

This allows simultaneous printing, cutting, punching, perforating, varnishing and embossing. We also offer sticker printing – white color. As a result, we have no problem making custom designs, such as stickers glued on the inside.

Why should you opt for advertising stickers from WXMEDIA?

Printed advertising stickers that we offer are a guarantee:

  • perfect color reproduction,
  • precise cutting, so that all stickers in a series are the same,
  • the possibility of printing on many materials,
  • high resistance of printed stickers to scratches, damage and the impact of adverse weather conditions.

We produce not only advertising stickers

Many years of experience in the industry and continuous investment in the development of the company’s machinery park gives us unlimited possibilities. We also carry out printing in large format, UV, as well as create spatial letters and functional advertising products.

Working with us, you can create the perfect POS materials for your business. Printing advertising stickers in bulk quantities is a good way to promote your brand, as well as the possibility of safer shipping of goods in packages. How is this possible? Well, our advertising stickers are great for marking shipments – mainly due to the use of strong adhesive and damage-resistant material.

Printing of advertising stickers at WXMEDIA – order stickers from a printing house with experience!

Do you want to create a really strong visual identity for your company so as to attract the attention of potential customers? Get in touch with our specialist at WXMEDIA. After developing the designs, we will create together not only stickers, but also other printed advertising materials!

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