Our company is a leading dealer of COLOP brand founded in 1980 and since then it has  become a leader in manufacturing  standard stamp machines in the world. The company operates  in more than 120 countries offering a huge range of  stamps according to their shape, size, sort of casing, number of print options. All products are characterized with unusual durability reaching  up to 100.000 prints, fulfillment precision  and correspondence with market demands.

On offer:

IQ stamps – new product

Dzięki łatwej personalizacji są nośnikiem reklamowym, idealnie dostosowanym do wizerunku firmy. Printer IQ posiada liczne patenty, w tym dobrze dopasowaną zatyczkę chroniącą przed zabrudzeniami i fantastyczny, wyjątkowy design!

pieczatka-iq1-opis-wxmedia pieczatka-iq2-opis-wxmedia


Standard  stamps

Signature, firm, date  stamps  in  various  shapes: round, square, oval, rectangular, and  even  unique  triangular  ones!

pieczatka-standardowa-opis-wxmedia pieczatka-standardowa2-opis-wxmedia pieczatka-standardowa3-opis-wxmedia

Framework  stamps

Date  stamps, numerators, and  text-stamp  with a very strong  structure. Tough  frame  is very reliable  even in very intensive  usage.

pieczatka-szkieletowa-opis-wxmedia pieczatka-szkieletowa2-opis-wxmedia

Hand stamps

Traditional stamps used with a separate  inkpad. Date  stamps and conveyor numerators are available in various configurations, wooden stamps and plastic handles.

stempel-reczny-opis-wxmedia stempel-reczny2-opis-wxmedia

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