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Folded leaflets

We will fold our leaflets as you like: in “c”, in “z”, in half, in “window”, “accordion” or as a map. We offer 12 formats (e.g. vertical, horizontal, DL, square), matt or gloss chalk printing (from 130 to 250 g), offset printing (from 90 to 240 g) and Kraftliner (170 and 250 g). – foil (gloss, mat, soft touch); foil (mat, soft touch) + selective UV varnish. A folded flyer will allow you to assemble your project the way you want.

We print on offset 90, 120, 150 and 240 g, Kraftliner 170 and 250 g and chalk 130, 170 or 250 g, – we will refine with foil in mat or gloss. We can choose from 12 formats vertically and horizontally, from A6 to A3, as well as square and DL. You can also design a leaflet for an individual shape! There is no unthinkable format for us.

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