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LED illuminated advertisements

One-sided, double-sided, rectangular, square or oval is made of an aluminum frame with a thickness of 6cm, 10cm or 14cm for mounting to the building facade.

Variety of choices

The maximum size of a coffer with a plexiglass face is 300 cm in width and 200 cm in height. Tension face cassettes may be larger. The back of the cassette is made of PVC and the front is made of plexiglass, 2mm to 5mm thick.

There is a possibility of any size of the cassette according to your needs.

Unique graphics and finish

The cassette frame is powder coated in a selected color from the RAL palette. Graphics for a plotter cut foil box as well as printing on a backlit foil or direct double UV printing. Each cassette is equipped with LED lighting.

We can make your coffer from dibond. Dibond coffers are characterized by high-quality workmanship and a solid aluminum supporting structure. The coffer consists of only two elements, thanks to which the installation is trouble-free. The maximum size is 385 x 130 cm.

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